Digital Archiving Services

Aztec Media digitally archives old photographs, negatives, glass plates, slides, and 4 x 5 transparencies for reproduction and archiving. Our scanning equipment includes an Epson flatbed scanner, Nikon 35mm slide scanner, and a modified Bowen film scanner to copy 16 bit, high quality “film look” scans recorded on a Canon 5D using a 100mm Canon macro lens. Color and density is matched or corrected and restoration of damaged or faded images is completed before photographs are labeled and saved as a 16 bit TIFF and a 8 bit JPEG on a dedicated Apple iMac. Photo files are saved to a CD or DVD or flash drive depending on the file format and size.

Photographs are printed with a 12 color, 24-inch archival Canon Giclée printer on Premium Luster photo paper, Somerset Velvet 100% cotton acid free watercolor paper, or Exhibition Satin Canvas 400 gsm acid free. Giclée prints are sprayed for protection and meet archival printing standards. For more information on archive standards, click here.

Video Archiving
Aztec Media also converts VHS, VHS-C, and Hi-8 videotape to DVD or MP4 files and converts audiocassette tapes to CD or MP3 files for playback or archiving.

Historic family photographs digitally restored and printed.